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The subconscious mind is the foundation for our happiness and quality of life.

95% of everything we think, feel and do is led by our SUBCONSCIOUS​

The subconscious develops within the first seven years of your lives by soaking up all information we are exposed to.
Every trauma is  stored there and is held by our inner child – the person that we were  at the time of the experience.
The concatenation of all of our  experiences, therefore, make up who we are today.
Everybody  has experienced some sort of trauma. Some more severe than others.
To  heal, we must
  • access our subconscious mind
  • acknowledge our inner child

Methods of Online Counselling

Choose what feels right for you

This is the most chosen counselling setting.

After making an appointment, you will receive a link for the platform Zoom from me. After you have entered the meeting room via the link, we will have a conversation – just as if we were sitting in the same room. Usually it´s with voice and video but you can switch off the video if that feels more comfortable.

For this option you need a room all to yourself, internet access and a device with a camera.
Make sure that you have a room all to yourself during the consultation and that you are not disturbed!

If you prefer written conversation, then you have the opportunity to do this as well. After you have made an appointment, you will receive a link for the platform Zoom from me and we do the counselling session via Chat – either with or without video, whatever feels more comfortable to you.

This option is particularly useful if you don’t have a place where you can talk undisturbed (for example if you are in a co-working space), if you are deaf and/or mute or if you prefer to communicate in writing. Note that although online counselling via chat allows for background noise, you should not be disturbed or distracted during the counselling session.

Online psychological counselling is also available via e-mail. This offers you the advantage of being able to send e-mails with your concerns at any time and place. It also gives you a lot of space and time to formulate your messages and you can remain anonymous if you wish.

I will reply to your messages within 2-3 working days.

You can choose between two options for an email consultation:

  • Individual consultation: This includes an email with your request, my answer to it, your questions and my final email with exercises, advice, etc. (2 – 3 emails) I recommend this option if you have a smaller request and like to communicate in writing.
  • Monthly subscription: Write me as many emails as you like for a month. I recommend this option if you have a big request or several requests and like to communicate in writing.


Individual Counselling

Individual consultation via video or chat
~ 50 minutes time for you and your topics


*free preliminary talk of 20 minutes by telephone
or video before the first appointment

E-Mail Counselling

Email subscription
1 month, write me as many emails about your request as you like, I will reply to your mails within 2-3 working days.


Email individual consultation
2 – 3 emails, an email with your request, my answer to it, your questions and my final email with exercises, advice, etc.


Psychological Online Counselling


Psychological Online Counselling


free yourself from the past that weighs you down and live the life you want!


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