The only relationship that really exists is the relationship with ourselves. Everything else is projection.

If we take good care of ourselves, on all levels, it will be reflected back to us in all areas.

In my daily job I am a first-hand witness of the high impact of early childhood experiences and traumas in all areas of life. Between my experience and my background in systemic counselling & coaching I am well equiped when it comes to finding the root of existing problems, changing subconscious programming and fueling ressources in order to live one´s highest potential.

Diploma training as systemic-phenomenological counsellor / psychological counselling / life and social counselling (Institut Dr. Martin Sourek)

Diploma course Movement of the Soul – the new family constellation according to Dr. Martin Sourek

Diploma training as systemic kinesiologist

Advanced training seminar “Dialogue Work and System Constellation” with Siegfried Essen and Eelco de Geus


Languages: German, English, Spanish

Bachelor´s degree in primary education (PH Vienna) and two years of teaching experience as a teacher for children with difficulties

Further training in “German as a foreign/second language”, cultural and social anthropology

Publication: Justeco – Human rights for all children 

My biggest roadbumps

have led me here

I KNOW how it feels to experience anxiety, bullying, co-dependency, self-doubt, fear, etc.
When I was working as a secondary school teacher I experienced severe bullying by some of my colleagues. In search for help I turned to a psychotherapist and learned, that my colleagues acted how they did because of my very own beliefsystem. In a heart-beat I went from thinking that I was a victim to knowing that I was subconsciously creating every situation in my life. And that when the root for the problem lied within me, so did the solution.
That´s why I don´t just listen to my clients and search for a text-book solution, but take a deep dive within their subconscious, find out what makes them who they are, change those limiting beliefs and create sustainable change from the inside out.

This is me

…in a nutshell

A little over five years ago I started my own online practice. I decided to work online because I was in a long-distance relationship at the time and wanted to work independently of location.

What else there is to know about me:

I am cheerful, freedom-loving, love to travel and am a heart person with a strong head.

I am fascinated by the world, nature, languages, people and cultures.

Strong heart connections  make life rich for me, as well as movement, inspiring books and nature.

I feel gratitude towards
my parents and siblings
my life partner and our daughter
my friends
Jorge Bucay, Gerald Hüther and all the other personalities who inspired me
my precious teachers Martin Sourek and Gabrielle Orr.



Psychological Online Counselling


Psychological Online Counselling


free yourself from the past that weighs you down and live the life you want!


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