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3 tipps on Preparation for Psychological Online Counselling

Psychological online counselling is not just a thing since Corona, but for many it has been a reality for years. Be it because they travel a lot, are digital nomads, work abroad or just like to be in their beloved four walls while getting help. In this article I describe how the preparation for psychological online counselling can look like and what is important to know.

For all those who have not yet taken psychological counselling online, there may be doubts about how to do it online, where to do it best and what else is worth knowing.

This article is for all those who would like to try psychological online counselling.

Preparation for Psychological Online Counselling – the technology

As the name suggests, the counselling takes place online. That means you need a stable internet connection and a functioning electronic device. This can be a cell phone, tablet or laptop. Personally, I find a laptop the most practical because it can’t fall over and I have a large picture. But it works just as well with a cell phone or tablet. Test your Internet connection before starting the online consultation. It’s okay if your picture freezes, that can happen. But to ensure a good process, it is important that these are exceptions and do not disturb the consultation more often.

This is also the reason why I work with Zoom and not with Skype or similar, because with Zoom the connection is much more stable than with other platforms.

For better understanding it can be advantageous to use headphones. However, since they can also be disturbing, decide at the beginning of the session whether you understand me well and whether it is more or less comfortable for you without headphones.

To keep your hands free I recommend that you place the chosen device in front of you so that you can see and hear me well and I can see and hear you well as well.

Preparation for Psychological Online Counselling – the room

For the duration of the Psychological Online Counselling it is important to have a room for yourself where you will not be disturbed. We address sensitive issues and you go into a process. This process should not be disturbed by noise or people entering the room. For the duration of the consultation, take a room all to yourself. If there are sources of noise, I recommend that you use headphones.

Preparation for Psychological Online Counselling – the extras

In addition to the essential basic conditions, you can design your counselling session in a way that feels right for you and where you feel most comfortable. It is best to make yourself comfortable. Be it on the couch, on a wing chair, in bed or at your desk. Arrange your upholstery so that you can lean back and relax, maybe even wrap yourself in a cuddly blanket. In addition, at home you have the advantage that you can prepare a good cup of coffee, your favorite tea or a good juice and place it next to you.

As already described under the point Technology, you should place the chosen device in front of you and, if possible, not hold it in your hand. On the one hand this is advantageous because your arm will not start to hurt. On the other hand, you have your hands free and can take notes if you want to. The third reason is that during the Psychological Online Counselling session we sometimes do a visualization and I ask you to sit back and close your eyes.

Create the frame you wish for

The duration of the consultation is your time. You take the time FOR YOU, you talk about topics that are important to YOU, you talk as much or as little as YOU want, you invest the price of the consultation in YOU. So create the framework that feels right for you. Do you like candles? Do you have a favorite blanket? Do you want to lean back comfortably?

Invest a few minutes before the session in preparation for psychological online counselling to make yourself comfortable.

The most important things like internet, equipment and being undisturbed are a must, but everything else is up to you.

Enjoy the time you  spend working on yourself!