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Spirituality and being human

Do what you want with your life. But live!

There are many ways to get in touch with yourself. It can be through meditation, through yoga, through sports, through sex, through everything that you enjoy and that reminds you that you have a body with which you move on this earth. And that you are alive and well.

If we are aware of this and feel our body, then a good anchoring is possible.

The importance of our body consciousness

We live in a sea of energy, can get in direct contact with our feelings and are also receptive to energies outside – each of us. The more aware we are of this, the more consciously we can navigate this ocean of energy and avoid getting lost in it. The power for this is related to how much we are anchored in our body.

Our body is the shell of our soul, together with which we go through life. Whoever strives for connection with that which permeates and surrounds us all, may be aware that one never exists without the other. And that the discovery of the soul and energies works together with the body.

Spirituality and being human are not contradictory!

Quite the opposite. Spirituality and being human are a symbiosis. Ying and Yang.

The more you are in your body, the more aware you are of your body, the more consciously you can perceive your feelings and energies.

In my seminars I always describe it this way:

When you are grounded and in your body, your energy body and your physical body are one. The two hearts beat together, you feel whole. If you now go “upwards” a lot, work with energy, communicate with the field, etc. your energy body automatically moves upwards. This causes the two hearts to move apart and their connection and communication becomes weaker. The result: the flow is inhibited – just like a kinked garden hose.

As soon as you are completely reunited in your body and in yourself, it can flow again.

So spirituality and being human are not a contradiction, but an opening for everything that is already there anyway.

And when you are completely in your body, you can feel yourself and everything that is there best.

Your body is your home by creating strength that gives you security and with which you always have a safe haven.

Show your body gratitude, love, acceptance and make yourself aware how important it is for you and your life.