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Getting involved in life

In the end, life is nothing more than swimming in the sea. It is constant movement, up and down the waves. It means a constant confrontation with yourself and your environment; with what you are, can and have and what is coming towards you from outside. The waves of life can run over you and push you to the ground, but with the same intensity they have the power to carry you and bring you to where your horizon kisses infinity.

The water that surrounds you is pure energy. It consists of people, knowledge, feelings, events. It is full of experiences, knowledge and opinions. And you seem small next to it.

Some people have built a wall around themselves, sat in a rubber dinghy to escape the fear of drowning in this ocean. But they don’t realize that although this rubber dinghy brings them peace, it also separates them from their environment. It is up to everyone to stay in this inflatable boat for a shorter or longer period of time. However, if you want to feel life in its entirety, it is recommended that you jump into the sea and let the waves move.

If you really get involved in life, then you say yes to all the movements that occur in it. You do not despair when a wave rolls over you, but trust in your power that you will resurface. You recognise that every process has its purpose and leads to growth. And you can accept it when a wave carries you and leads you upwards. You are completely there and fully capable of acting. And you can perceive all the richness that life carries within you.

When you swim in the sea without a rubber dinghy, you are completely dependent on your own strength. You learn to trust yourself, you learn that you are strong yourself. From mastering the situations your strength grows.

Those who struggle with life are busy fending off the waves and “just” surviving. He is in the same sea, surrounded by the same water and the same conditions as someone who surrenders to life. The one who is struggling is constantly busy. The one who surrenders has periods of rest.

It takes courage to fully engage with life and your processes. It is a leap into cold water. You do not know what is coming. The only thing you can rely on is you and your strength.

It is courageous to take this leap, but once in the sea of life, not jumping seems completely alien to you. Why should you continue to stand waiting on the shore and miss out on all the riches? Because of the waves that make you stumble? Because of the few waves that make you stumble? While you miss all the waves you can surf on?

To someone who is fully committed to life, it may seem absurd not to do so. To someone standing on the shore, it may seem crazy to expose yourself to the forces. In any case, each person is free to decide whether to engage fully or to stay in the safe zone. There is no good or bad here, there are just different experiences. You yourself decide which one you want to make.

To check your current status, I have a little perception exercise for you, which you can do from time to time:

Close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply. As many times as you need to, until you are completely at your own level. See that you are standing on a cliff, the sea below you.

Feel: Am I ready to jump? Is there something stopping me? Do I want to jump?

  • If you don’t want to jump, or something is stopping you, then turn around and look into the eyes of whatever is stopping you. What is it? What does the surroundings and the sea below you look like to you?
    Write down what you see and perceive. You can work on these themes as the following steps.
  • If you can jump, then jump and dive into the sea. Get involved with the movement of the sea and feel inside yourself if there is still any fear or worry. If there is, look directly into its eyes and note down which worries or fears there are. You can work with these as the following steps.
  • If nothing holds you down anymore and you can jump, then jump. Dive into the sea and let yourself drift a little. What does it feel like? Does it feel free? Are there any fears? Do you feel your power? If you feel completely free, then swim and dive a little. Feel your power and let it guide you to where it is good and right for you.

This exercise can be a compass for you to show you where you stand. Remember: No condition is better or worse than the other. You can work on yourself at your own pace and you can decide at any time whether you want to continue or stay.