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Self-love is a very special feeling and the purest and strongest feeling I have ever been allowed to feel. I dare to say that few people have ever felt the extent of their love for themselves. But once you have felt it, you will carry this feeling with you forever and with every moment and/or act of self-love you will resonate higher and let roots grow.

Let me first of all define what I mean by self-love. Self-love is a feeling that comes from the heart and is really just for you. It is a space that is entirely yours. It is your temple where you become aware of your essence – climbing from one level to the next until you are completely filled with your own light.

By self-love I don’t mean “I’m okay anyway” and I don’t mean half-hearted contentment.

By self-love I mean the absence of such definitions. I feel Self-love as a light-filled space that is completely without concepts – a space that is just being and in which I am just being.

And if you now have the wish to make this space palpable in you as well and to enter it afterwards, then you may put everything aside first. And with that I really mean everything. Because this space can do without everything – even without an ‘I am very sensitive’, ‘I am a good mother’, ‘I love my fellow human beings’. These are all attributions made to you by yourself or someone else, which are completely unimportant in this room. Just as any other form of attribution is unimportant. Even if someone is described as stubborn, egocentric, sadistic, irascible, etc. All the same. When you enter this room, you are allowed to leave everything behind and just be. Let that take effect on you.

And then be ready for the nothingness that awaits you – from and in which everything can arise.

Let yourself be surprised and enchanted by the amount of self-love you carry within you.