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What topics can I talk about in Online Counselling?

The question itself can be answered in one word: all.

When you make an appointment for online psychological counselling, you are agreeing on time and space for yourself. You are allowed to enter this space and it is filled with you and everything that is important to you. There are no taboo topics and no “stupid” questions or thoughts.

You are welcome here with everything you are and everything you bring with you.

Without judgement

It is important to me to approach my clients impartially and without judgement. This is very successful in the holistic psychological online counselling, because it is not about me at any time, but about you and your process. It is not for me to judge you. Instead, I concentrate on moving forward and opening the space completely for you. In this space we communicate openly about everything that is important – for you and for your process.


Regardless of the subject matter that concerns you, my aim is to bring clarity. Through my questions and your answers the whole picture is brought together in its individual parts. This allows a clear view of the topic in its entirety. In this way knot by knot can be solved.

At this point I say quite clearly: No matter what your questions are, no matter what your answers are, no matter whether you judge them as good or bad – always tell me, because every word is a step towards a solution.


All the issues you need advice on, because you don’t know what to do, because you feel that you are stuck, that you want to bring clarity, that you want to get rid of, that you have problems, – they all have an origin and therefore a solution! I work mainly systemically. That means: I filter out what is systemically behind your consulting request. To do this, I use the method of board constellations, which I display in the consulting room via a second camera. In this way we get to the point very concretely and quickly and you get to the solution.

So please feel free to come to the consultation and talk about what is on your mind. I listen to you – without judging.

You can choose between different types of consultation – depending on which one feels best for you.

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