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Why I chose to work as a psychological counsellor

Psychological counselling – a learnable profession like many others, and yet the “vocation” factor plays an important role. Why I think so and why I chose this profession, you will find out in this article.

My professional career begins at the tender age of seven years. At that time I was sure: I wanted to become an actress, win an Oscar, marry Leonardo DiCaprio and have seven children with him. No sooner said than done, because just one year later I wanted to become a policewoman and join the FBI. Another year later I was enthusiastic about dancing and decided to become a GoGo dancer. But that only lasted a few months and my new career aspiration was born, based on a TV commercial: nun. And after I had gone through everything in my mind, I was able to retire from the vicissitudes of life. When I was 13, I was sure – I wanted to become a psychologist, have my own practice and wear fancy costumes to work.

This career aspiration has remained the same ever since, even if the road to it was a bit rocky. After failing the entrance examination, my psychology studies turned into a teacher training course for primary schools, a job as a waitress, a semester abroad in Spain, a job as a German teacher in Spain, a job as a teacher in Vienna and the knowledge that I didn’t like being a teacher. Instead, the desire to study psychology had never left me.

And, as “when people talk, they come together” has its justification, I found my way to training as a psychological counsellor through a conversation with my supervisor. Day after day has passed since the beginning of the training, when I am overjoyed about my choice, grateful for the step, convinced that it is exactly the right one for me.


Because in this profession I can combine everything that I like to do and how I am. Everything flows.

  • I like to have a short torch. If someone needs it, then a longer-term counselling situation is helpful. In general, however, I am convinced that each person feels best what is right for him or her and that they are therefore the highest priority and authority in their lives. I advise people for as long as it is important. Is it two consulting sessions, perfect. If it is ten, wonderful. Is it one every three months, great. I don’t ask around the bush, but get to the point quickly and concretely. So there are quick insights, results and solutions.
  • I like to listen, I like to ask questions, I like to play Sherlock Holmes 😉 I have access to a broad pool of methods. Among other things, I use systemic board constellations, which provide a quick and clear insight into the dynamics behind the client’s problems. I have found a way to offer this wonderfully online.
  • I like to laugh, even at work.
  • I need flexibility. For me, rigid perpetual routines are uncomfortable. I like to be flexible to give my imagination and creativity a place. Ideas for a new book, a song, etc. cannot be packed into a diary. I like to be on the road, which is why online consulting is the perfect way to work for me. And: no two people are the same, no two problems are the same. I get involved anew with each client and each topic and give the whole thing the space it needs. There is no point in approaching a topic in the same way every time, because I disregard the individuality of the client. In psychological online counselling I can live the flexibility I love to the fullest – also in terms of counselling times.
  • I love my work. I like the variety, the progress, the accompanying of people. I like seeing people grow and how problems become resources. It is the greatest joy for me when it can be felt on all levels that life always flows. Problems arise where I do not allow the flow, where I am entangled (e.g. in my family system). If we look at the problems, recognise what it is really about, the traffic jam can be released and life can flow again. Then things move forward.