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It may jerk sometimes

What there is not everything…

Millionaires who became rich overnight; slim people who can eat kilos of chocolate; women whose Mr. right carries them on his hands; twenty-year-olds who have effortlessly found their dream job;

And what else there is….

People who kiss a hundred frogs before they have a stable relationship; people who change jobs regularly; people who work hard at everything in life and those who seem to get everything; authors whose books nobody wants to buy; people who don’t want children; others who try and don’t get any.

And so much more…

The art of embracing life

What we all have in common: we all live a unique life of our own with our own unique emotions. No life path is the same as another’s and yet many seem to regularly strive for one or the other.

The problem is that I build castles in the air and may live in envy. Neither one, nor the other, and much less the combination of the two makes us happy, but creates frustration and with our attention lets us drift further and further away from our own life. This in turn makes us incapable of action and leads to standstill.

The art of life is to accept life and thus remain capable of acting.

How to best accept life

Accepting life does not mean that you have to remain in a state that you do not want to be. It means..:

  • to acknowledge what is
  • acknowledge what you need

It costs you less energy to accept the given than to resist it. The whirlpool of thoughts that is created when you fight back also prevents you from finding out with a clear head what you need or want.

An example:

Martha is 15 years old, she was born into a less privileged family and statistically has little chance of working her way up into a privileged position. Instead of spending the years of her life whining about her situation, Martha accepts the situation she was born into and makes room for her wishes and to develop a plan for their realisation.

Martha does not block herself,. Martha does not strive for the life of another. Instead, she accepts her life and decides to shape it as it is possible and in her power. This does not mean that everything will go smoothly, but by focusing on herself and her goals, Martha is able to act and has the power to actively shape her life.

It may jerk

When we listen to the success stories of others, observe others or even imagine their careers, our focus is rarely on the path they have followed with all its ups and downs. Instead, we see the goal and the position they are in.

If you feel the inner call, a heart’s desire to steer your path in a certain direction and possibly even uphill, then always have one thing in mind: It may be jerky.

A path is not perfect because everything has worked simply and without problems. A path is not worse because you take a diversion a few times or take a supposedly wrong turn. Your way is your way – no matter what it looks like. The important thing is that you walk it and don’t stop and/or despair when things get a bit uncomfortable.

Your life does not always have to be perfect. Your life doesn’t have to go straight ahead to get there. There may be hills and bends – you will still get further – if you go!

If you get bumpy, don’t despair, but keep your focus on your goal, on your path and on the possibilities you have.

And when you have freed yourself from the illusion that everything must go easily and that there must be no obstacles, then you may be able to see that everything that happens to you makes sense in its own way. And then maybe you can recognise the gift that comes with detours and bumps. For there is no disadvantage from which there is not also an advantage.

Therefore: Let your path be your path. Say yes to it (and thus to you) and remain capable of acting. Keep your focus on your goal and perceive hurdles as insurmountable learning opportunities. No more and no less.

I know how huge and insurmountable hurdles sometimes seem, but I also know that what counts is my goal and my will, and that my strength comes from me….how come something outside can stop me?

Full speed ahead! 🙂