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The power of the moment

Life is a string of moments. A sequence of moments that are always in flux and never stop. You can’t capture one of these moments, nor can you feel a moment in all its intensity when it is already over or not yet there. Only this one moment that you are living right now, and that is already over, can give you everything that life has in store for you.

The moment

A moment is hardly more than the blink of an eye, and yet it is incredibly precious. Every moment has the potential to be felt by you in full intensity – if you let it. The moment is so precious because it is the only time when you are capable of action. You cannot change anything about earlier, yesterday, last week, it is already over. You have no access to tomorrow, next Monday or next year, because it is not here yet. It is really right now, when you can make decisions, act, think, feel, etc.

The peace in this knowledge

The knowledge about the transience of the moment may cause stress for some people. I find it eerily reassuring. I know that I cannot change anything about yesterday and that I cannot conjure up the future. So I can simply concentrate on the here and now in a completely relaxed way and appreciate the moment.

Not that I always manage to do so, but more and more often 😉


The moments pass anyway…I can choose to perceive them, to pay attention to the transience and be inspired by it to put an end to my procrastination, to let the past be the past and not to face the future with fear or impatience.

This is liberating. I can stop running, constantly shifting between times and he, and can devote myself entirely to the pace of the moment. I can feel the power inherent in every moment and use it to my fullest advantage.

I can walk boldly and powerfully, stand, lie, whatever is at the moment.

Can you feel it?