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4 easy tips on how to move forward and grow

Every day we all move forward and grow, even if we don’t always have it in mind. But every difficulty we overcome means a growth of resources. Everything that we create means a growth of trust in ourselves. Everything that seems insurmountable, for which we find a solution, means a growth of our strength. Every time we reach our limits, we have the possibility to overcome them or to admit defeat. There is growth potential in both possibilities – we just have to recognize it. We can and do grow from anything.

Today I am writing an article about how to move forward and grow, because I believe that the naturalness of this process and seeing it deserves attention. Because this attention leads to cognition, to gratitude and as a result to more growth.

What growth means

Growth is defined as “increase of a certain measured variable over time”. Internal growth is therefore everything that increases within you over time. Since internal growth has no limits and can continue indefinitely, there is no specific form how it should or must look like. Just as there is no one correct form of “life” or “person”. There is simply your form, your what is right for you.
Everyone grows at their own pace, on their own terms and from their own basic conditions. There is no goal to be achieved. Growth is everything that increases over time.

How to recognize that you move forward and grow

To put it simple: by looking.

  • By taking time to pause and take stock
    Whoever does not stop, walks past. It needs the collection and the complete coming to oneself to be able to pay attention to the processes inside with all their effects and impacts. It needs time
  • By acknowledging oneself and the progress and growth
    From time to time it makes sense to look back and see what path you have taken, where you started and how far you have come in order to see how much you move forward and grow constantly. For me it is amazing to see how much changes and what develops.
  • By feeling moments of gratitude and allowing oneself to rest
    It is important to take regular breaks to let everything work. During these breaks we can see what we have achieved, look back on the way we have taken and let the new things develop and settle. Because the new wants to be integrated. And then comes the bonus task: gratitude to ourselves. Gratefulness for the fact that we have always gone further, that we have opened ourselves to the process, that we were courageous enough and that we also recognize our success.
  • By focusing on the naturalness and therefore simplicity of growth
    Growth happens, even if we are not aware of it. This means that we do not (have to) always actively work on growth, but simply allow it to happen. The Yes to growth is the courage to let ourselves be guided by our impulses and to say Yes to life. Growth is not all the way connected with pain and effort. There are these phases, but there are also others. We are allowed to be aware of this again and again. It may also go easily.

Moving forward and growing is an individual process

There is no one in this world that grows in the same way as you. That is why we cannot compare ourselves with anyone else. We can do it, but it will lead to nothing except frustration and demotivation. Therefore it is better to realize from the beginning that growth is individual and can only be done by you in your own way. We do not owe anybody an explanation. Imitating the steps of others for growth can be helpful, but only to a certain extent. Namely, to the extent that the path of these other people is feasible and helpful for you.

Every person has different prerequisites, a different history, is integrated into a different system than his fellow human beings and has a different path in life.

I can therefore recommend that you acknowledge your individuality and allow yourself to grow and develop. You can let yourself be inspired by others, adapt their experiences to your needs and tune into you.

You are not alone in the process and can also let me support you – individually tailored to your path.

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