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Step by step towards your goal

Problems are not created in an hour and do not have to be solved in an hour.

You can approach the solution step by step and do not have to wait until the end of the process to feel free and good. By untying knot by knot, you unfold yourself.

Through this development you will free yourself from entanglements and get more and more into your power. Holistic psychological counselling is one way of getting professional support that shows you where your problems originate and, in terms of your resources, releases the power within you to move forward.

Your life in your hands

No one can live your life for you. Therefore it is important to be able to act in every moment and to be aware of your own power. Once you have mastered a situation, you have the resources to master similar situations over and over again. At some point even without much effort. Holistic psychological counselling looks at where the root of the problem lies and how you can solve it yourself with your resources.

Holistic counselling

Holistic psychological counselling means that I see my clients in their entirety – as individuals who live and work in systemic contexts, which in turn have an effect on the respective individual. I know from experience that problems are best solved when they are considered in detail. This reveals deficits and resources, it shows the origin of the problem and the solution.

Systemic consulting

Besides behavioural therapy and psychoanalysis, the systemic approach is the most widely used counselling approach. I look at your problems in relation to your respective social system in the respective context. Both in the classical counselling situation of the individual conversation and in family constellations in a group or on the board, both in the classical as well as in the spiritual and experimental family constellations.

The focus is always on you. In order to find solutions, systemic connections are considered.


The process of consulting with regard to your system leads to insight. This insight and the associated examination of “what has been” and what has led to your problem brings you into a process which leads you to the solution. Holistic psychological counselling leads you through the recognition of the problem to the solution and you step by step towards yourself and on your path.

Process support

In this process I am at your disposal as a process companion. I cannot go through the process for you, I cannot change your inner system. What I do is to provide you with insights, uncover unconscious patterns and entanglements and, with the focus on your resources, set tasks in which you implement new behaviour patterns. You yourself are changing and I am at your side to advise you.

non-judgmental, appreciative, open and clear

There is nothing that does not exist. Just as individual as every human being is, so is every path and are the circumstances associated with it.

It is important to me to give space to every person who uses my support as a holistic psychological counsellor, openly and without judgement. There are no taboo subjects and no feelings or thoughts that are inappropriate. You are here to work on yourself and in return you can expose everything you bring without fear or shame.

I also face you honestly and clearly. Always with the focus on not getting lost in the little things but looking at the big picture and getting you on your personal course at the right pace.

Express your wishes and goals – together we will get there.