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How does online counselling work?

Psychological counselling is a preventive activity that promotes the mental, emotional, physical and social well-being of clients by means of targeted and structured conversations based on communication science, brief therapy and psychological findings.

This can be done in a personal conversation in a room, but also by telephone, video telephony, chat, or e-mail. This means that you can receive psychological counselling both offline and online.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable with the chosen conversation setting.

In this article, I explain how an online psychological counselling service works, which options are available and which information is of interest to you in order to help you make the right decision – whether offline or online.

The psychological online counselling

Psychological online counselling takes place – as the name suggests – online. You can choose from four variants:

  • Video chat
  • Chat
  • e-mail
  • Phone

The variant via video chat comes closest to a conventional consultation in a room. The difference is that we are in two different places. Otherwise, however, we sit “opposite” each other in the normal way, see and talk to each other. What you need for this variant is a room where you have peace and quiet and a good internet connection.

Another way to talk is by telephone. This is especially useful if you do not have a stable internet connection.

If you like writing and want to be live, you can make an appointment to chat. If you prefer to communicate by e-mail because you are in a different time zone, for example, or because you have a busy schedule, then this is also possible. I would call this variant the one furthest away from a normal conversation setting. It takes place with a time delay, but you have the opportunity to think about your answers in detail and have time to process things.

Advantages of psychological online counselling

I recommend psychological online counselling to all those who travel a lot, who are often on (business) trips, to all those who live abroad and would like to communicate in their own mother tongue, to people who are limited in time and place and to all those who feel most comfortable within their own walls. Time and location flexibility is provided and you don’t have to interrupt regular consultations when you are on holiday or business trips. As I am not tied to a room at fixed times either, I can also offer you consultations later in the evening.

A further advantage is that no one online can see who you are meeting with or what kind of help you need.

Disadvantages of online psychological counselling

This type of advice is not suitable for crises and emergencies.

My recommendation

If you find yourself in a problem or decision-making situation and would like to talk to someone who is open-minded and non-judgmental towards you, psychological counselling can be very helpful. If you are also looking for flexibility in terms of time and place, then online counselling is an advantage.

I can take these worries away in advance

If you think you’re not technically gifted, let me tell you that you can be in the meeting room in just two clicks.

If you don’t know whether Psychological Online Counselling is suitable for you and your topic, then write me a non-binding message and we will arrange a free 20-minute preliminary talk.

If it is your wish to remain anonymous, that is also possible.

All in one sentence

Psychological online counselling is a flexible help for a problem and decision situation, which you can also use anonymously.

If you have further questions, please contact me by mail.

Cordially yours,