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Inner peace

I am sure that peace means different things to different people. So I can only give my definition.

For me inner peace is a state of acceptance. It is a state where my heart is pure, where I can let things happen. It is a state of deep trust in life itself. For me inner peace is a state where I am completely free – from prejudices, from ideas about how something should be, it is a state where I do not try to bend something in a certain direction, but one where I let things take their course. It is a state in which I am completely turned inside and enjoy my own being. It is a state in which I find myself on some days and moments, and which I do not manage well on others, or sometimes simply have no place. It is like any other state of being a faithful visitor that I can actively invite and send away again.

Let it happen

As I have described, for me inner peace is a state of acceptance and trust in the course of life. In a way, peace also creates itself. Because I also make a conscious decision for acceptance. And if I could not trust that peace exists, and that it is brought about by acceptance and acceptance, it would remain an unknown forever.

How can I live inner peace?

Those who (only) strive for peace in the outside world will be disappointed. Peace is not something to be sought. Peace is a conscious decision. The best example is the upcoming Christmas. While Hollywood films make us believe that we can have absolute Christmas peace, some people know Christmas in a completely different way. In contrast to films, many families have tension instead of unconditional Christmas love. This is understandable, as there are often a large number of people who see little of each other during the year, and different ideas of a “perfect Christmas” are confronted with each other, opposing opinions clash or any of the other of the million reasons why a Christmas cannot fulfil our expectations. In other words, there is enough fuel to make sparks as fleshy spraycandles. The desire for a peaceful celebration is obvious. But to demand peace from someone else is like telling a crying person to be happy right now.

So the path of peace is a different one, which, like so many other things, begins with yourself. The only system where you can create peace is your own inner system. And don’t expect perfection here either, but allow yourself to approach your goal in small steps.

The way to peace

Peace is not something I can tell myself. Peace is something that grows. The conscious decision for it is like a seed that I plant, and which through attention and care becomes a plant.

From this conscious decision a path opens up which I can follow at my own pace.

As a suggestion I would like to share with you some of my thoughts on the subject of peace. These can be clues. Watercolours, if you like, with which you can create your own path and it to which you can conjure your own wonder.

1. in peace with the discord

The first step is to give your okay to the discord. It doesn’t have to be all joyful to be valuable. On the contrary. As Forest Gump said: “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Just say okay to that. It’s okay if the dream job hasn’t come knocking on your door yet. You can still be happy. It’s okay if you’re a few years behind on your life plan. So much more has happened than is on your list. There wasn’t room for all of it until 28. It’s okay that you don’t have a good relationship with your father. Think of all the other relationships that make you feel fulfilled.

It’s okay. Really. It’s okay.

2. Take it easy

If you want to reach a solution, break things down to the essential. What about this issue can I actively solve and what is not in my hands? How important is the issue really for me and my life?

And if things then only have the actual importance, then you can travel on with lighter luggage.

Trust in yourself and your ability to make peace within yourself. And you know: if you need help with that, I am only an email away.

peaceful greetings,