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Strengthened through the (Corona) crisis

The louder it is outside, the more difficult it is to hear your own voice. This makes it easy to fall into general panic, hysteria or discomfort.

That’s why I have some tips for you here on this page on how you can stay with yourself and therefore in your power despite a Corona crisis (or any other crisis).


A brief reflection:

What does it feel like when you are completely in your power?

The feeling of being in your own power describes the state of being completely with yourself – when there is no distraction from the outside, when you can perceive your own emotional world well and separate yourself from the sea of feelings in which you move daily. Everyone has needs, feelings, desires and we often (voluntarily and involuntarily) take care of them. However, much of your energy is lost in the process. On a “normal” day this loss of energy is usually manageable. In times of crises, when there are many fears and their manifestations in you, the amount of energy required is higher and sometimes too high. The wave of feelings of others floods you and it takes time and more energy to come back to you.

Therefore it is advisable to use your own energy and to do something for yourself in a preventive and supportive way.

It does not have to be a wellness weekend or a long walk in the woods. Small things make a big difference.

I would like to present some of these small things to you here – with the recommendation to integrate them into your everyday life.

GDKK – Strengthened through the crisis

Every situation has two sides. Even if our focus is slightly on the restrictions in freedom of movement, reduced social contacts and changes in the world of work, the other sides still exist. There is the deceleration, the concentration on fewer things, the space for change and transformation and the breaking up of outdated and entrenched structures. To face the changes openly and flexibly holds great potential: the potential of change, of a new beginning, of optimisation and the potential of rediscovery. I have already seen many pictures of people who find time for music again, others who have started to paint again. Still others now take the time to read a good book or write one. Despite the limitations, the possibilities are great. Important for this: The decision to be completely with you and to act in your power.

Pause, expand space, feel your body

This exercise is best done in the morning. Either in bed before you get up, or before you turn to your work.

Close your eyes and take several deep breaths in and out. Feel how the breath flows in and out of you.

In doing so, perceive your body. Your head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, chest, abdomen, pelvis, spine, legs and feet. Then take another deep breath in and out with a sigh.

If the flat seems too tight to you, vary the exercise:

Take a deep breath in and take a deep breath out and perceive your whole body. Then perceive the space around you and expand in it. As far as it feels good and right for you.

This short exercise can help you in any situation where it feels too tight – on the train, plane, car, etc.

Acting and reacting consciously

At a time when so much is happening around us, people often feel as if they are remotely controlled. The day seems to fly by and frustration often comes along with the feeling of not having done anything right. You can avoid this by consciously deciding on actions and doing them just as consciously and with presence of mind.

It makes a difference whether I am ironing while watching a film and baking a quick cake in addition to cooking, and in between turning to my home office work. In the end, I get the feeling that I haven’t done anything right and have been under stress. Anyone who consciously takes the time in the morning to make bed, consciously spends the time for the home office with the actual work and then turns off the PC and consciously spends time in front of the TV and/or the family, has a conscious sense of achievement and can be happy about it.

If it should be the case that you are tied to the house due to the Corona crisis and have nothing to do, then do the few little things consciously: make the bed, clean the flat, cook dinner, eat, watch TV, read, etc.

Communication with you and your emotions

“What feelings are my own?”

With this exercise you can move from the multitude of feelings in and around you to your core.

Take about 15 minutes a day for this exercise. At the beginning, take a few deep breaths in and out until you feel that you are completely with yourself. Then move your attention to your centre – this can be either your stomach or your heart area. Then feel into this space without expectations. What is there? What feelings are showing? Are there feelings that you think are not your own? If there are, let them go – you can imagine that you put them on a cloud and let them go. Do this until you are left all alone with yourself. Then open your eyes again, stretch and continue your everyday life.

Time for nothing

10 minutes just you

without telephone, without radio, without television, without other people

No matter if you sit in the car, go to the basement, sit in the toilet, lie in the bathtub, sit on the sofa when your children are already in bed, take 10 minutes of time for nothing – 10 minutes of time off from everything: from the news, the funny memes, the whatsapp conversations, work, etc.

It may seem a bit unusual and difficult the first few times you do it. However, you will soon realise the preciousness of this time when your whole system can shut down, at least for a short time, and get some time off.

It is a gift to you.

Take these 10 minutes as often as you like, but at least once a day.

Clear your head

Free yourself from the stimulus satiation.

Write down what moves you, draw what is inside you, talk about what is on your mind or express yourself through dance. No matter what it is, the main thing is that the flood of information is set in motion and you have the opportunity to hear your personal thoughts.

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